Your scent still remains thickly
It ties my feet
I’m like a slave to your dream
Memories like fireworks in a corner of my heart
Disappear like smoke

My heart is desperate for your breath
I melt it down and shout
In case it becomes ash in just one moment
I spread my arms to the empty space above
In the black and blue dawn
a dreamy voice rings out
Who knows?

An endless mystery, a foggy memory
Why are my predictions not coming true?
The sound of the rain mixed with tears
The sound of your breath in my ears
I couldn’t find you even once
You hurt me (So bad, so bad)
You hurt me (So bad, so bad)
Forever in my head (insane) you are living
In my eyes, I see the transparent you and me

Yeah, the melody of the white moonlight
I’ve secretly prepared my heart pounding
The night is like a river, living with many secrets
Will you whisper to me?
Where do I have to go to open your tightly shut world?
Will you take me inside the veil that covers you?
Can’t you make me live?

Every night, I fall asleep to you
A beautiful tune gets played in my dreams, you and me
I close my eyes and follow the shadow in the darkness
Who knows?

Find me just once
You know how much I want you
More than your faint image
More than the thick night
I’m afraid of being alone
It hurts